Hair transplant never cause cancer

Admin By Admin - Nov 02, 2023

Cancer is not caused by hair transplants. Hair follicles are transplanted from one area of the body (usually the back of the scalp) to an area where hair loss or thinning has taken place during hair transplant surgery, which is a cosmetic operation. It is a limited process that doesn't require introducing cancer-causing substances or altering the DNA of the hair follicles that are being transplanted.

Cancer is a complicated illness that often results from genetic changes or other conditions that promote unchecked cell development. There is no documented link between having a hair transplant and getting cancer.

It's important to remember that hair transplant surgery has its own set of dangers and potential problems, including infection, scars, and, in extremely rare circumstances, damage to blood vessels or nerves. This is true of any surgical treatment. These side effects are typically caused by the surgery itself, not by the growth of cancer.

It is best to speak with our skilled medical practitioner or a dermatologist if you have questions about hair transplant surgery or its potential hazards. They can give you comprehensive information and address any particular queries you may have. We give best treatment and medications to develop the hair. We at Ift hair science believe in Natural Looking hair transplant results.

The truth is unambiguous and simple. No, getting a hair transplant will not cause skin cancer or any other kind of cancer. Combinations of factors, such as inheritance, smoking, poor diet, or ingesting or inhaling carcinogens like arsenic, are frequently the cause of cancer.

Hair transplants are not the same as organ transplants because hair is not thought of as an organ of the body. Additionally, although hair transplants do not require the transmission of any external body parts, organ transplants require the transfer of outside body parts from a stranger host to the recipient's body. A person's hair is transferred from one area of their body to another that is an exact match.

Because of this, the body typically absorbs transplanted hair without resistance or difficulty.

Generally speaking, a hair transplant involves moving hair follicles from one part of the head—typically the back—to another—usually the top and front. So, all that is returned to your body are your own tissues and hair. Therefore, having a hair transplant does not raise your risk of developing cancer.

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Published - Nov 02, 2023
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