Causes Of Hair Transplant

Admin By Admin - Oct 28, 2023

Professional clinics with skilled surgeons usually have a failure rate of less than 2%. Unprofessional clinics, on the other hand, may have up to a 30% failure rate. 

A hair transplant for men will fail even if a top-notch surgeon does all of the necessary surgery and post-op care. Poor post-operative care will have a negative effect on the outcome of the hair transplant. A recently-operated patient with hair loss should have pleasure in numerous activities, including dressing wounds, washing hair, and administering medication.

In order to prevent the hair transplanted hair from failing to grow as intended, hair transplant patients also have a role to play. You can learn the dos and don'ts of a post-surgery lifestyle from a reputable clinic.

The percentage of transplanted hair that grows back serves as a gauge for a hair transplant's success. When the percentage reaches 80% or greater, the transplant is considered successful. 95–98% of hair transplants are successful overall, particularly when done utilizing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. The success percentage of top-tier hair transplant doctors is typically very close to 100%.

The patient's negligence is sometimes the reason hair transplants fail, as stated in the question "Why do hair transplants fail?" Following a hair transplant, each patient must adhere to the fundamental guidelines listed below, especially in the initial weeks following surgery:

  • Wearing hats or head warmers will cause friction on your head; avoid them.
  • Avoid drinking at all costs

  • Avoid any exercise or severe activity.

  • Limit your exposure to the sun.

  • Avoid taking showers that are too hot or cold.

  • Consume a healthy diet.

  • Follow your surgeon's specific instructions when washing your head.

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Published - Oct 28, 2023
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